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Symptoms of Sewer System Failure

Normally the main purpose of installing the sewer line is to let the waste of the toilet flow smoothly to the main sewerage system of the locality. But, taking advantage of its construction underneath of the building, almost all the home-owners get it connected to all the points that are used as the drains for the smooth flow of water through them. In short, the sewerage system installed in the homes is used to drain the water used during the bath, washing the vessels, clothes and various activities. The excessive flow of waste-water finally results in failure of the sewerage system, if it is not maintained properly. The failure or the clogging of the sewer line means a lot to us both in terms of monetary loss and also physical loss. Because, if it is not possible to clean or unblock the clogged sewer line, you will have to replace the whole sewerage system, which will indirectly push you towards unwanted expenses. To avoid the emergence of such problems, we are highlighting some of the symptoms related to the failure of the sewer system.

  1. The Backflow of Water: If there is a blockage in the sewer system or if it is broken, there are chances that the water flushed from the drainage system of your bathroom, kitchen faucets, or terrace will return in the kitchen or particular segment of your house. The water that returns from the sewer system is contaminated by bacteria, germs and various elements that are harmful to health. If this problem continues then it is an indication that either the sewer line is broken or aging, and needs to be repaired or replaced accordingly.
  2. The Emergence of Moulds: The emergence of moulds from the sewer is clogged or damaged is also an indication of failure in the sewer system. As the moulds require humidity, the chances of their growth are abundant. If you notice that the walls and area, where the sewer lines are installed have the moulds growing around them, it is a warning sign that something is happening underneath of that area and needs to detected and rectified at the earliest to avoid further problems. The origin of moulds is harmful to health and therefore needs to be inspected at the earliest.
  3. The Grease Trap Overflows: If the grease trap installed in your kitchen and washroom is flowing, that may be also due to the clogged sewerage line. The main symptoms associated with the improper functioning of the grease trap system include the slow speed of waste materials from the drainage system, overflowing of the grease trap system. To ensure, the depth of blockage in the grease trap system, just dip a pole or some pipe in the main compartment of the system and check the residue to grease level remaining on the pipe or pole. Now, whether the level is less or high, it is better to higher the services of an expert grease trap plumbing service provider without ignoring the problem or expecting to get it resolved automatically.
  4. The Yard Turns Soggy: If the yard of your property stays wet and soggy even after the direct exposure to the sunlight for the long hours, the existence of this condition for the long period needs to be fixed, as once the water starts overflowing from the main sewerage system, it will be harmful to your property and health. The bacteria existing in contaminated water can result in the origin of various diseases.
  5. Pungent Odour: The problem of sewer failure may also create a pungent odor due to the accumulation of waste material across your property. The regular collection of the waste material at the particular place, whether it is the boundary of your sink, bathtub or toilet, the smell will explore continuously as the time passes. There are also chances that the ignorance of small clog will result or block the whole drainage system of your property.
  6. Increases Your Water Bill: Well, this can be regarded as an indirect symptom of a clogged drainage system. Because sometimes it is seen that the flow of water at high speed is also helpful in unclogging the clogged drainage system. Going through this practice, lots of people continue to flush excess of water across their drainage system, which indirectly increases their expenses on water bills.

Epilogue: The problem of clogging the drainage system is one of the common problems from which almost every household has to get cope. The only thing that needs to be kept in concern is to not ignore the problem for a long time, otherwise, it may result in a huge problem. Here, one thing which needs to be kept in concern, more importantly, is that similar to sewer clogging, the septic tank of your property can also fail in the absence of proper maintenance. To avoid the problem with the septic tank system, there are various expert septic tank plumbing service providers, who could detect the problem quite early before it takes a serious shape. So, now if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not ignore them as these symptoms may be related to the failure of the sewer system.

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