Backflow Preventer is an important device that helps in protecting the potable water contaminated due to the backflow of water mixed with pesticides, feces, chemicals and various hazardous elements that are harmful to health.

What We Provide

We are certified plumbers having the expertise of installing the Backflow Preventer assembly strictly according to the municipal codes determined for restricting the cross-connections of the plumbing systems installed in apartments, food processing industries, hotels, chemical industries, and different commercial and public places.

Quality Service

Apart from providing the high-quality service of installing the device, we also offer the facility of annual backflow testing and maintenance. After the installation of Backflow Preventer, our technician will look after all the paperwork related to the annual maintenance, depending upon your requirements. Once you have signed the annual maintenance contract with us, our technician will remind you about the due date of testing and make sure that your device is serviced on time.

Along with this, we will also inspect the existing plumbing system installed at your place and ensure that it is properly connected to the device.

So, now what are you waiting for? Call us and schedule the timings of your backflow preventer test and enjoy good health.

Backflow Prevention

The backflow preventer is developed by the combination of various mechanical check valves that restrict the flow of contaminated water into the mainline installed for the supply of clean water across all the fixtures.

Backflow Testing

To enjoy the taste of fresh and healthy water, it is imperative to get the whole system inspected annually and strictly according to the local municipal codes.

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